Case Studies

Case Studies in Family Law
As Colleen White represents clients, that other attorneys have either turned down, or have been told that they will never prevail, here are examples of family law cases in which the clients had been told they will never prevail.

A father of 4 young children came to Colleen White with the hopes of obtaining custody after several other attorneys told him that fathers never get custody of young children. The four children were ages 3,5,7,& 8. After a lengthy process, full custody was given to the Father.


A father of a teenager daughter asked Colleen White to represent him to assure the safety and moral upbringing of his daughter. He felt that the mother was not doing the job he thought should be done. After a year of litigation and time consuming legal battles the safety and moral upbringing of the daughter is in the hands of the father.

File No.: xxxxxx 2008: June 2, 3



A family of 4 children was going to be pulled apart by the divorce of the father and the mother. Through Colleen White’s representation of the father, the family stayed together, the parties were divorced through a settlement agreement and the father retained custody of the children.

Here are examples of estate planning, probate or guardianship cases in which Colleen White has assisted.



Mr. and Mrs. X came to see Colleen White as Mr. X was going to die very soon. Colleen White advised Mr. and Mrs. X how to keep all of their assets, bank accounts, houses, and cars out of probate and out of any lengthy court battles. Sadly, Mr. X died prior to following the advice and Mrs. X spent the next two years in probate to claim and title her belongings. Colleen White assisted Mrs. X through every step and made sure the process was completed.



Mr. Y was in a comma. Mr. Y’s daughter came to Colleen White to set up a guardianship account so that the daughter could run Mr. Y’s life, bank accounts, house, and everything else until Mr. Y came out of his coma.
For years Colleen White assisted the daughter in maintaining all of Mr. Y’s estate. Mr. Y did not come out of the coma and eventually died. Colleen White assisted the daughter in closing the estate and claiming what was rightfully hers.