Welcome to the law office of Colleen A. White
FamilyLaw, Small Business Law, Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianship make up some of the areas that are practiced at the General Practice office of Colleen A. White. The most important aspect of the General Practice is the clients. Small or large, each and everyone’s problems or legal situations are important to the practice. But most of all the client comes first. Colleen believes, preaches and practices the old saying of “the client comes first”.
Here, the client is first.
Through legal knowledge, couseling and litigation the general practice office of Colleen A. White works hard to assist each client as if that client were the only client of the office. Colleen takes the time to sit down with each client, discuss the “worst and best case senarios” and assist in formulating a plan to either solve a legal situation, a problem or prevent a future legal situation. Not just once, but how ever many times it takes to assist each client.
Call the office of Colleen A. White to set up an appointment to protect you either in a time of need or to protect your future now.

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